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Thousands more officers needed to cut crime, says mayoral candidate Rory Stewart

London mayoral candidate Rory Stewart today called for “thousands more” police on the streets after meeting families of knife crime victims.

Rory Stewart: 'This general election feels like American politics'

GQ: What did you first think when you saw the exit poll?

Rory Stewart: I was surprised by the scale. I was expecting a small Tory lead but not this runaway majority. It’s very, very striking, because what it suggests is that British politics is beginning to feel more and more like American and European politics – in other words, this new style of campaigning where you have this very simple, three-word slogan and you just drive it home again and again and again. You don’t talk about the details or the “how”. It’s an extraordinary strategy. The problem with it is it’s a very difficult way of running something. It’s not an ideal way of sorting out practical problems. It gives you the big headline and it gets you the votes, but it doesn’t tell anybody how things are going to work.

Rory Stewart 'would quit as London Mayor' if he couldn't end street killings

Rory Stewart has pledged to resign as London Mayor if he does not improve safety on the capital’s streets in a four-year term. The former Conservative candidate to be Prime Minister is standing as an independent in next May’s contest, in an attempt to block Sadiq Khan’s re-election.

Rory Stewart goes to Morley's

Away From The General Election, Rory Stewart Is Quietly Trying To Reinvent Politics

Rory Stewart, the former Tory leadership hopeful turned independent London mayoral candidate, is giving his campaigners a pep talk. "Please remember this is the very beginning. It will be a bit chaotic," he says. "This is like a startup pizza business where the oven keeps breaking."

"I want to change the way our democracy works"

Rory speaks to The Atlantic about the collapse of the centre ground and how it can be rebuilt with a new approach to how we engage with politics in our communities. 

Rory Stewart vows to resign as London mayor if he fails to cut knife crime

Rory Stewart today vowed to allow Londoners to “boot me out” if he failed to cut knife crime as mayor.

The former Tory leadership contender turned mayoral candidate said he would set a “fair target” to be achieved one or two years after taking office and would resign if he failed to hit it.

Rory Stewart: 'Boris and I are complete chalk and cheese. I’m suspicious of the whole show'

Rory Stewart has had a busy few months… He has gone from Tory Cabinet minister to running against Boris Johnson for party leader, then quitting to become an independent candidate for Mayor of London. So, what has he learnt from his ups and downs? 

I last interviewed Rory Stewart a year ago at Wormwood Scrubs. He was Prisons Minister. He arrived in a suit, tie and official Jaguar. This time we meet in south London’s Brixton Market. He comes by Tube, shorn of his ministerial entourage, wearing jeans, open-necked shirt and raincoat.

Rory Stewart enjoys a bagel and reveals his 'special connection' to the Jewish community

The Tory leadership candidate turned independent running for Mayor comes to Barnet for his walking tour of the city he wants to run

Rory Stewart says he can focus on London ‘rather than be tied to Jeremy Corbyn or Boris Johnson’

Rory Stewart will be able to focus on "London's interests" after shedding the “baggage” of political parties, he said today.